162 Teachers Sue GES over legacy arrears.

By | May 25, 2022

A group of 162 Teachers in the Eastern Region has sue the management of the Ghana Education Service in Accra High court.

The plaintiff (162 Teachers) stated they have been employed and working as employees of the defendant (management of the Ghana Education Service ) for many years and the employer (defendant) owes them salaries arrears who has been spanning for many years now and are now termed as legacy arrears.

The group of Teachers (plaintiff) further stated that they demand the payment of the legacy arrears and that the defendant (GES) asked them to send their names and documents for the legacy arrears to be processed and paid to them.

The Teachers (plaintiff) explained that they sent their documents to the defendant (GES) as requested by the management of the Ghana Education Service but the defendant (GES) has refused and failed to pay them their legacy arrears.

Hence the group of Teachers wants the court to compel GES to pay them their salaries which have been in arrears for many years now.

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