2021 population and Housing field officers and Supervisors called for an increase in their allowances

By | June 25, 2021

National Coalition of Field Officers (supervisors and enumerators) for the 2021 Population and
Housing Census humbly channels their grievances to the front desk of the National Chief statistician about the slated amount due
to each supervisor and enumerator. The energetic and hardworking trained Field Officers are very
much disappointed with the agreed payment and service conditions given to them. They are
hereby agitating for an increment in payment and good service conditions meted unto them.

The amount of GH¢2,520 and GH¢2,950 is said to be given to both enumerators and
supervisors respectively in tranches.

According to the concern filed officers their members are facing a lot of challenges on the field out
there: below are a few of those

i.the tedious nature of the work trekking from one household to another to administer
over 100 questionnaires to an individual.

ii. working in odd hours through callbacks to meet members of households who were not
in the house due to the nature of their jobs

iii.working through harsh weather conditions (sunshine and rains) without any health risk

and of course other colleagues in some of the Enumeration Areas who access routes

through muds, bushes, and crossing streams and rivers amidst reptiles bite.

According to the group, they understand the exercise is very pertinent to mother Ghana and as such, quality data needs
to be collected. If Field Officers who will help collect this data are not motivated to work, how
does this become a success? Therefore they deem it important to be given good conditions of service. The group, therefore, call on Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) to make provisions for some essential
allowances like the risk and health allowance

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The request that each enumerator and supervisor should be given an amount of GH¢3500 and
GH¢4,000 respectively alongside the allowances. The Census Night being 27 June 2021,
They added that GSS should address this issue urgently to make Field Officers have a clear mind by 26
June 2021, else the unexpected will happen.

In their last paragraph of the letter, the group stated that should there be an extension during the enumeration period, they will be enumerated as such, no overtime work without pay.

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