2022 GES 4th batch of biometric registration of Teachers.

By | September 21, 2022

The management of the Ghana Education Service has officially released the scheduled date for the four batches of biometric registration of 2022 newly recruited teachers.

Click here to check the GES fouth biometric registration sheduled date

Management after recruitment of this 2022 newly posted teachers has released their staff IDs and scheduled biometric registration in batches. This is the four batch of biometric registration of newly posted teachers.

There is no clear-cut reason why management has failed to release this staff id of newly posted teachers in bulk.

Check 4th biometric registration here

This has made the majority of the newly posted teachers starve themselves in their new station just because they have been employed for almost nine to six months now without salaries.

This biometric registration is going to kick start on 22nd September 2022 and end on 2026 September 2022. The venue for registration is GNAT headquarters in Accra.

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