2,700 study leave returnees from the 2018/2019 batch have not been upgraded yet.

By | March 1, 2021

The issue of upgrading teachers returning from study leave is something that is worrying and very difficult to explain exactly what is happening in the educational system in Ghana.

Teachers returning from study leave have cried to the government and Ghana education services to try and upgrade them but their efforts have been like pouring water on a perforated basket.

Currently, about 2700 teachers who have completed their Ghana education services approved course for study leave are still not upgrade since 2018. some of these teachers complained that whenever they report this issue to the Ghana education services headquarters they always refer them to follow the appropriate channel which is their district IPPDS and their human resources managers at the district level.

But this teachers have written letters upon letters for upgrading but no positive results. so, these teachers wants to know whether it is a crime to be a professional teacher in Ghana.

They have however raised concerns which include
a. It is inhuman for the failure of Ghana education services to upgrade the 2018 batch of study leave teachers
b. They want to know why the 2019 batch of teachers have not been put on the scale of principal superintendent (ps)

This clearly shows that teachers with bachelor’s degrees in the system and they are teaching currently have no future. If there is a continuous backlog of teachers under the rank of senior superintendent 1 who is holding their bachelor’s degrees and can’t be put on their right scale then there is a clear indication that teachers with ss ranks have no clear future.

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Adams (1963) proclaimed in his theory that when workers identify or see to it that there is disparity or differences in the compensation of their work, they will be aroused to remove the discomfort and restore a state of felt equity to the situation by changing work inputs, changing rewards received leaving the situation; changing the comparison points; and psychological distorting the comparison (MTD training, 2010).

This is the direct case in terms of our teachers where the Ghana education services have refused to upgrade the teachers from senior superintendent to principal superintendent this can affect the academic performance of students in our schools because the teachers will find ways and means to prove their discomfort in our schools. After all, the teachers have every right to do so.

How can you work without food? This is a really painful thing on the part of the teachers and we entreat the government to paid them their money because they deserve it.

Ghana education services and government should do the need to pay these teachers else we will be witness unprecedented demonstration in the coming days.

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