3 Bad teacher attitude acting as a contributing factor hampering the quality of basic education in Ghana.

By | February 21, 2021

Quality Education has been the hallmark of the Ghana education service but it seems like teacher trainees do not establish the connection between the training they received from their respective colleges of education and what they practice in the schools they are posted as substantive class teachers.

The current cases study that was conducted to check how teachers are coping with the new curriculum that was implemented by the Ghana education service and National council for curriculum and assessment (NaCCA) in 2019 had gone to confirmed the research that was conducted into activity-based learning practice in primary schools by the institute for educational planning and administration of the university of cape coast somewhere in 2012.

Due to the inability of government to provide teaching and learning materials, some teachers have taken it has a yardstick to portray some attitude that is currently affecting teaching and learning process in our classroom today.

Attitudes of teachers

Some teachers have decided to absent themselves from school these days for the main reason that there are no materials to teach and for that matter, it is a waste of time to go and be sitting in the school doing nothing.

Although some teachers go to the school alright but they don’t know what to teach and their reasons are that the new curriculum is confusing and for that matter, they cannot teach without the learner’s and teachers’ textbooks.

With this, we can’t blame the teacher much but teachers should ensure that they follow the code of conduct of the teaching profession which says that a teacher should not absent himself from school without a reason. Government has to blame partly here because teacher absenteeism was becoming thing of the past but the introduction of this new curriculum is currently bringing back teacher absenteeism in our basic schools.

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Ineffective lesson preparation and delivery is another factor hampering our basic Education these days. It looks as if our teachers do not have anything to based on to prepare their lesson.

The attitude of teachers sitting under staff common trees discussing politics and football matches is coming back in our basic schools, this is so worrying and if not looked at carefully out basic schools are going to breeding children with nothing in their heads.

The third factor is the threatened classroom environment and other teacher-related factors are factors that are indeed affecting teaching and learning in our basic schools in the country.

We entreat the government to work swiftly to provide these teachers in our basic schools with the needed teaching and learning materials and all the needed materials that can make teachers in the basic level feel comfortable in the classroom to deliver their lessons successfully.

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