4 best teaching Strategies for Math

By | May 18, 2021

Many times the performance of students is not improving in our school setting not because they are not good but because of certain factors that keep on affecting the performance of these young ones and one of these factors is Teaching strategies.

Students are struggling with their maths subject mostly in our schools. At times you see students complaining that Math is difficult but as Teachers, we fail to notice that it could be our teaching methods or strategies that are causing our students to complain that math is difficult.

Within the school certain, Teachers are the main factors that can help improve the academic performance of students in mathematics. Back in our school days, you notice students running from class A to Class B because different mathematics teachers are handling them. So students move to the math teacher class whom they feel is employing the best Teaching strategies.

Talking about the best Teaching strategies or methods but what are the best Teaching strategies that can raise students’ performance or Math scores. In this piece of our research into the best Teaching strategies, we have identified the four most important Teaching strategies for Math Teachers.

Four Effective Teaching Strategies for Math

The four best Teaching strategies for Math Teachers to raise students performance or Math score includes:

i.Providing explicit instructions to students about the topic you are going to teach in Mathematics

ii. Encouraging student’s way of discussion or institutionalized way of thinking about a Math concept.

iii. Building students Math vocabulary on the concept you are Teaching.

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v.Offering students differentiated learning opportunity

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