4 ways to combat pupils’ complaints in school.

By | January 29, 2021

Teaching young children in school is too stressful as a kindergarten madam will say, though teaching children is difficult and needs a lot of time because all the time you will receive complaints in one way or other with regards to how their friends treat them in class or about the subject being treated in a class. Don’t worry yourself there are some tips here that can help you to handle your students’ complaints in a school.

When a child in your class complains that a concept you taught them is too hard or the work you gave to them is too hard. At times as teachers it is good, we listen to our students’ feedback with regards to the topic you teach or the work you have given it out for them to work because that will help you sharpen your lesson well for the easy understanding of your children. So, when your class students complain that the subject is difficult, take your time as a teacher to know exactly well from your students why he or she is saying that, it may be that whenever you teach, he or she do not understand you, or he or she do not have interest in the subject you teach or your method of teaching is not favoring your students. So, if they have grown-up children, they will point to the reasons why they are saying that, when you get to know the reason then you adopt an appropriate measure to help combat the situation.

When your students complain about their colleague’s students in the class. Sometimes this happens in our lower grade or in the primary school where a student will be seating down and another student will come and be playing with them. Children naturally like playing but there are some instances where one of them will be hungry and the other child will come and be playing with them because one of them is hungry he or she will take it to be a fight and they will bring this issue to you as a teacher (a judge in this situation ), what you need to do as a teacher is to find out well from the reporter what actually transpired between them try and get the bottom of the issue, enquire more from the one that reported the issue rather than just making a mere judgment and punishing your students which after the case they will be friends again.

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When students complained about a particular teacher in the school. At times teachers need not be judgmental at the beginning of an issue but rather get to know actually what the truth is. When a student comes to you as a teacher and lodge a complaint about your colleague teacher concerning the way he or she teaches, take your time and find out from the child, maybe it can be that the students have a peculiar problem in understanding so you need to find out from the students’ colleagues in the same class whether whenever the teacher teaches the understand or not, then you can now know how to deal the issues between you and your colleague teacher.

When students complained that they are tired. At times a teacher will be teaching in class and students will be saying, sir, we are tired or they will intentionally say it is time for a break or closing. The teacher needs to find out from the students what is triggering that because when you are teaching and your students start to misbehave it can be that they don’t understand what you are teaching or some arrogant students can be doing that because they don’t want to learn. So, when you get to know the reason then you change your method of teaching or you counsel them.

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