5 major issues GES cautious teachers against in schools

By | November 17, 2021

The management of the Ghana Education Service has officially sent a statement to the Metropolitan Municipal and District Directors of Education to warn teachers against the misuse of students during instructional hours on their gains.

Following the recent increase in case of child labour issues involving students in the country who has resulted in the loss of lives of some of these students, the management of the Ghana Education Service has alerted all Metropolitan Municipal/district Directors of Education and all heads of second cycle institutions to as a matter of urgency remind their various staff to put to stop in the use of students in doing anything for the benefit of the teacher.

The management of the Ghana Education Service however warns teachers to be mindful of the GES code of conduct part 3 section 3.7 which stated clearly and warn teachers against these five issues that staff of the GES should not indulge themselves in it. The code of conduct stipulates that:
? No employee shall subject students/pupils to any form of exploitative labour.
? A staff shall not use the labour of students/pupils in any way whatsoever with or without the consent of the child’s parents.
? An employee shall not send a student/pupil on errands during instructional hours.
? No staff shall use the labour of students/pupils for private or personal Service with or without the consent of parents or guardians and the school head during instructional hours.
? Some of the exploitative activities that staff shall not engage students/pupils in shall include but are not limited to selling/trading, weeding, farming, carrying of water, sand, stones, and blocks, or doing household chores.

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Management warns teachers to desist from all this practice going on in schools or find themselves wanting if they are caught.

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