7 major items agreed by executive of COHBS on basic school Teachers

By | March 17, 2021

The Management of Conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS) met and agreed on matters regarding the workshops that the external services provider will be organizing for teachers on behalf of the National Teaching Council (NTC) for point-scoring.

Below are the major items that were agreed by the executives of the conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS) in their meeting.

  1. That all Headteachers as a matter of urgency impress upon their teachers to register with NTC
  2. That such workshops be organized on Thursdays and not weekend.
  3. That at least a week notice is given before the workshops

4 .That the workshops be done first week in ensuing month.

  1. That the modules for workshops should be relevant for teachers professional development.
  2. That for the mode of payment, Headteachers shall collect fees from the teachers and render account to DDE on the day of the workshop on behalf of service provider.
  3. That COHBS attend workshop on NTC mentoring and coaching framework, Teacher training log book , portfolio building and other NTC related issue for better understanding for a fee not less than 60ghs for points building.
    The tentative date is 25th March, 2021.
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