8 documents needed for Biometric registration of newly posted teachers

By | March 18, 2021

The Ghana education services have finally brought out the staff IDs of the newly posted Teachers who completed their course in 2019 and are also done with their national service as demanded by the Ghana education services. What is left is biometric registration from the Ministry of Finance

Some of the newly posted teachers have not seen their staff IDs, Educegh.com effort to find out why some newly posted teachers could not find their names among the list of staff IDs presented by Ges Headquarters in Accra prove that some of the newly posted teachers presented fake assumption of duties letters, And we were told that those affected teachers should quickly contact their IPPDS coordinators in charge of their district for directions.

Below are the 8 documents needed for the Biometric registration of newly posted teachers
1.Appointment letter (online and Regional)
2.Recruitment form (will be given by the Municipal Education office)
3.Introductory letter from the municipal education director
4.Assumption of duty letter
5.State issued ID (voters, NHIS, Passport, Driving license, or Ghana card)
6.Bank details
7.SSNIT Number or Card
8.Certified staff list from the head of school (including newly recruited teacher’s details)

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