8 easy way to build your CPD points as a Teacher to able to renew your teaching license. Take note

By | May 23, 2021

After Teachers have been license and registered by the National Teaching Council NTC, each teacher will be required to renew their license every three years.

Before a teacher will be allowed to renew his or her license he or she must build continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for the three years. A teacher needs 70 to 100 CPD points before they are allowed to renew their license.

What do you do as a teacher to build your CPD points?
National Teaching Council has registered courses both mandated and rank based courses that a teacher can register on their portal to accrued points

But there are other 8 simple ways a teacher can get involved to acquire points.

  1. A teacher can attend a professional conference, lecture, seminars outside the workplace and get 2 points
  2. A teacher can Participate in a Continuous professional Development day and get a points
  3. A teacher can Participate actively in sports and cultural activities and get 1 point.
  4. A teacher can do the normal activities in the school like preparing a scheme of work at the beginning of a term, prepare lesson plans, organize class exercises, quizzes and assignments and get a point in each.
  5. A teacher can read journals and use the knowledge acquire to improve his or her learner’s performance in the class and get a point.
  6. A teacher can attend a circuit base or district base workshop and get a point. Click here to see the cost of a 2 points workshop
  7. A teacher can check or assess the learner and use the outcome of the assessment for intervention ( that means find a solution to the problem) and if the intervention produces results then you get a point.
  8. A teacher can Participate in a research project within the school and find a solution to the problem then he or she can go for a point.
    These are some of the category A programs a teacher can do to get his or her points easily to renew his or her license. Click the link below to download the TPG guidelines

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