94% of Tier 2 pension contributions will not be affected by debt restructuring – Finance Ministry

By | October 16, 2022

The Ministry of Finance has refuted claims that about 94% of Tier 2 pension contributions that are invested in Government securities will be affected by the Country’s debt restructuring.

The government of Ghana in its plans to secure support from the International monetary fund (IMF) is conducting a debt restructuring analysis and there are alleged fears that about 94% of public sector workers’ pension Tier 2 contributions that have been invested in government securities will be affected.

But a statement from the ministry of finance to such alleged fears and social media publication has indicated that it was without merit and did not auger well for the Country’s financial sector.

“These publications and “social media advisories” are without merit and are designed to undermine confidence in Ghana’s financial sector,” the Ministry statement stated.

The ministry of finance encourages the general public and Tier 2 pension contributors to disregard such information.

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