A common mistake made by some senior high school students after completing their course

By | January 2, 2021

Certain misconceptions have been troubling our senior high school graduates that need to be looked at and address promptly.

Completing senior high school in Ghana is always an interesting thing and the dream of every student who attended high school in Ghana. To complete high school doesn’t necessarily mean that you are off the pitch but just the beginning of life which our senior high school graduate knowing or unknowingly fails to realize. In this article, we will be looking at these mistakes extensively and some of the Lee ways we can manage to avoid these errors committed by many. As it is always stated that only a child who does not listen to advice will find his or her finger chopped by a knife.

Common mistakes committed by many graduate

There is one thing completing a high school but where the results of the school lead you to is another thing. Below is the well explain erroneous mistakes that most students in senior high schools when they are about to complete or after they have completed always make:

Most senior high school students always have the notion that when you complete high school you have finished in life but they are oblivious of the fact that it is after you have completed with good grades that will make open more doors for you in the future. In fact, I’m imprinting this in the mind of those of you who  are still in school and they are about to complete their course that the excitement been exhibited by them with the main  aim that they are about completing and will rest, that completing a high school does not mean that you are coming out to rest but you are rather coming out to face the real world if you are not able to make in your final exams

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Some teachers who handle these students always make these children have the feeling that immediately you complete high school you are than with life. They always tell students that after here (high school) you have no serious learning to do again. This is a serious misconception and must be dealt with the contempt it desires. There is a saying that education has no end and will continue till one is expelled from this planet, so why do you tell someone who will continue till he/she dies that there is no learning after high school.

Some high school children also have the expectation of earning a high amount immediately they start to work and thus mislead them to chose the wrong courses or careers after they complete high school courses. Life is a process and must be followed in due course. This affects most of our high school children in selecting their career programs, so I recommended that guidance and counseling programs should be introduced into our Ghanaian high schools and if it is already there it should be made effective to help these children select the right course after high school.  

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