A comprehensive discussion on distance education and regular Education, which one to attend.

By | April 9, 2021

There has been a lot of posts on many social media platforms about the kind of education to attend in terms of regular and distance mode. Some people at times become confused on which mode to attend with a lot of mixed reactions from friends and colleagues.

This piece contains information that will help you to settle the dispute you have within yourself concerning the mode of Education (Distance and Regular) to attend.

Education as I will say depends on your choice but at times you need to make a choice that you will be comfortable with in order not to put much stress on you-yourself cause learning something is always good to enjoy the process and not to be stressing yourself.

Regular and distance education which one is preferable?

Attending regular or distance education as a student depends solely on the time available to you as an individual. At times people think that only those who attend regular mode are the most brilliant and intelligent students ever. This argument is not valid because there are a lot of people that made in life through distance education. Although I’m not disputing the fact that regular Education is good because it gives you the time to access the available infrastructure facilities and the lecturers available to help you when you have a problem but this is not the case in distance education.

When contemplating on the kind of Education you will attend it is good to look at the merits and demerits of the Education you are to attend.

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Merits of distance education.

When you attend distance education, you learn at your own pace. It is fact that most people learn at different rates, and when you attend distance education you find enough time to learn comfortably.

You can be doing your job whiles attending your Education. This mode of Education is most appropriate for workers who do not want to quit their job and further their education and it is also good for Those who do not have people to finance their Education. So distance education helps such people to do their work and finance their Education.

Distance education also helps people to save money. Through distance education, you have the time to work and finance your Education and at the same time, the money to pay your fees is somehow affordable than regular Education.

Distance education also saves time. Most students who attend distance education do not waste a lot of time going to lectures all they need to do is sit in the comfort of their homes to learn.

Demerits of distance education.

There is a high rate of distraction when attending distance education. It is always difficult in the house especially when you are married because combining family duties with Education activities is very difficult and one needs to be disciplined before you attend distance education.

There is a hidden cost in attending distance education. At times moving up and down from the house to school is always a headache to some people and also when you are doing online learning the initial cost in installing computers and the internet.

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There is always a questionable validity of the degree. Distance education sometimes makes people feel that because there are no enough instructional hours between the learner and the lecturers, people have the feeling that there is low knowledge obtained.

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