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A groups petition parliament to increase investment in basic schools


Eduwatch, NUGS and CAPCOE yesterday Wednesday, 17th November 2021 petition parliament to increase investment in all public basic schools across the country.

The three groups in their petition statement urge parliamentarians to increase their allocation and investment in public basic schools to improve quality.

The group demanded that the basic education share of the education sector expenditure should be increased up to 50% so that infrastructure facilities at the basic level can be expanded. They added that there is a need for reliable funding for the construction of 5,403 schools to replace those taking place under trees and shade

The Chairman of the select committee on Education received the petition on behalf of parliament and assured the Eduwatch, NUGS, and CAPCOE that their demands in the petition will be given the needed attention in parliament.

The Education spike Campaign is being implemented by the Africa Education Watch in partnership with CAPCOE and supported by OXFAM.

Recent studies have shown that over 5,000 public basic schools children attend their lessons under trees and shade in Ghana. This is a worrying situation for Ghanaian basic schools children.

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