Aggrieved teachers petitioned GNAT National Delegate Conference.

Some aggrieved teachers have petitioned the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) 2022 National Delegate conference over the controversial one-teacher one laptop initiative.

In a statement released by the Aggrieved teachers, the National Council members of the Association have failed in their duty to fight for the welfare of their members and rather laid in bed with the Employer to duped teachers on the substandard laptops project hence the need to petition the National Council of the association since they are the highest decision-making body.

According to members of the group, under Article 20(2) of the GNAT constitution as amended in 2018, the group have resolved in their capacity as members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers to petition the jurisdiction of the National Delegate conference which is the highest decision making body of the Association to take a concrete decision on the matter under discussion since National Council members have failed to do proper consultation in the procurement of the one teacher one laptop.

The Aggrieved teachers demand the following from the GNAT National Delegate conference;
◼️ The identity of the true owners of KA Technologies and what made GNAT recommend that company to the ministry of Education.

◼️ Why GNAT agrees to use GESOPS monies to pre-finance the laptops project without their consent and still wants them to pay interest on the said money.

◼️ The interest rate of the money

◼️ The amount that was given to KA Technologies and relevant documents proven the same.

◼️ All relevant documents relating to the deal.

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◼️ Why the General secretary of GNAT wrote to the Director General of the Ghana Education Service asking him to make a deduction of 30% cost of the laptops on each teachers professional allowance without their consent.

◼️ Who did the quality control checks of the one teacher one laptop in the Association (GNAT) before allowing KA Technology to do the supply.

◼️ The group is therefore optimistic that the conference will take a firm decision on the matter which will bring finality to the issue. The group of teachers also asked that any communication to them on the matter should be sent through their email address

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