Are teachers going to prepare the lesson plan again in the primary schools, check it out.

By | January 14, 2021

In 2019, Ghana Education Service (GES) introduced the new curriculum in our basic school in Ghana with the everyday promise that materials needed for the implementation of this curriculum will be distributed for teachers to carry on with their duties, most of these materials are not yet in but schools are about to resume and teachers will be required to prepare lesson notes. This article has outlined some of the reference documents needed to prepare a lesson note.

Key reference documents for lesson note preparation.

Pupils textbook. Teachers in preparing their lesson notes always consult or refer to the pupils’ textbook as a guide to help him or her prepare lesson note that is within the level of, the learners. Else anything prepares above the level of the Learner will not yield any better results. These textbooks have been promised to be in the pipeline which is not reaching the school but teachers will be required as schools resume to prepare a by force lesson notes.

Teachers handbook. This is another document that can be referred to by teachers during lesson note preparation. Teachers need to consult their handbooks to help them prepare a standard and comprehensive lesson note that will help them delivered an effective lesson in their classroom to help their students to understand but these materials are not made available to teachers yet they will be required to prepare a lesson note as school resume on 18th of January.

Syllabus for each subject to be taught. Teachers have to always refer to their syllabus for each subject area in order to prepare their lesson notes. This syllabus guides the teacher to what is approved for teaching within a particular level depending on the ability of the learners. The syllabus provides teachers with lesson objectives which will help them to teach around these objectives.

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Any other relevant books or the internet. Teachers can also refer to other books that are of value and it is within the standard of the learners. Teachers are not supposed to use any other books they meet on their way to refer to but relevant books that learners are required to learn. Teachers can also consult the net during the lesson note preparation, now a day there are a lot of relevant stuff on the internet that can help you the teacher to prepare a good lesson note.

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