As at now, Teachers are semi professionals-Dr Christian Addae Poku

By | May 17, 2021

The Registrar at the National Teaching Council NTC Dr. Christian Addae poku during this morning Break Fast Show at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) stated that Teachers now are semi-professionals.

When the host of the Break Fast Show program asked Dr. Christian Addae whether before the licenses Teachers were not professionals or not, the Registrar of NTC responded that for now Teachers are semi-professionals but will become full professionals when the licenses have been issued to them.

In explaining his point, Dr. Christian Addae made it clear that things that will have make Teachers fully professionals have not been put in place. He explained further that we have a body of knowledge that any person who wants to practice teaching will have access to that knowledge by undergoing a lengthy of training to acquire that knowledge which will make the person a professional Teacher and that is what Ghana has been doing for a while now.

He added that another thing was the full regulatory body. As at now there was no regulatory body that regulate teaching and that any body who is employ to teach is subjected to only the rules of his or her employer but that there must be a general rules that is applicable to all in that when you commit an offence or infringe upon certain rules it should not be only your employer that will apply certain sanctions on you but it should be that when you are not qualified to teach in school A then the rules should be that you are not also qualified to teach in school B.

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Explaining further the Registrar at NTC mentioned that some teachers when they commit a crime and are sacked from the public schools then they move to the private school to teach that should not be done when there is a Regulatory body. This means as a teacher after the licenses have been issued and you are sacked from GES you are not also qualified to teach in the private schools in the country.

Also stated that the last thing that will have qualified Teachers to fully professionals was the license which was not there but now it has been introduced when you obtained your licenses you will now be a full professionals teacher.

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