As schools are set to reopen, a quick reminder of our principles of teaching.

By | January 12, 2021

Principles are a set of rules or laws that govern how things happen or work. It is generally the beliefs or rules that govern how some people behave. Children were away from schools and have adopted a new lifestyle which will be manifesting in schools as we are set to reopen schools. This article has deemed it necessary to remind every teacher about their principles of teaching.

Teaching principles

  1. The freedom of the child must be respected. Every human being living on earth has gotten his or her dignity which needs to be recognized and our young ones are not an exception to this freedom. Though these children are to learn from you the teacher but their freedom must be respected. You the teacher must not be the one to dictate for your learners, they have the freedom to learn what they want to learn. Learning is not compulsory; it is done effectively if the learner chose to. So, as teachers, you have to give your learners the freedom they need.
  2. The maturation stage of the child must be considered. Children were away from school for a number of months now and their age and stature have changed. These children will be coming back to school with the expectation that you recognize them to their current status. So, as a teacher, your teaching should be tailored to meet the maturation stage of your learners. Always consider the level of your learners when you plan to deliver your lesson.
  3. Develop on your learners’ desire to learn. Our children or learners are naturally curious to learn and teachers must utilize these characteristics of their learners as they will be coming back to school to build on these skills. Do not force your teaching on your learners but rather develops their interest in learning.
  4. Build on your learners’ relevant previous knowledge. Your learners were away from school for a number of months, some of them may be lucky that they were having private teachers in the house who was taking them through what they are supposed to learn but others too did not have this opportunity and now they will all be coming back to school. As it always stated that learners learn from what they known to what they do not unknown. You have to make sure you refresh their mind and then build on that, do not concentrate on the few that were learning in the house but try to carry all of them along.
  5. Ensure that your learners are active during the teaching and learning process. Children learn well when they are active participants in teaching, so teachers must make sure they involve their learners in their teaching process.
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