At times you hear students complain about the essence of project work, here are some of the merits of project work.

By | January 13, 2021

It is easily discovered that students complain of project work because it is tedious and difficult to do but there are several benefits or importance of doing a project work that out ways its demerit and this article has pointed out some of these benefits of doing project work as part of a course in higher educational level.

Merits of doing a project work.

  • Project work enhances problem-solving. As students work with their supervisors to get a solution to a problem it gives them the gist or overall view as to how problems are solved. It’s an eye-opener to students as they work on it and strive for a solution to a problem. As students are going to work in society, day in day out they will surely be confronted with challenges which they have to use the knowledge they acquire in school to get these challenges to solve. So, doing project work exposes students or give them the experience as to how they can solve their daily problems.
  • Doing project work stimulate students’ interest and motivate them to learn technical facts and other related knowledge in all circles of learning. Working on project work, force student to move out of their comfort zone in search of new knowledge. It makes students learn some technical terms or concepts as they explore new knowledge. As learners continue to search for the knowledge they begin to develop an interest in the things they learn.
  • Doing project work promote citizenship education among learners. When students are involved in project work, it inculcates citizenship virtues such as independent thinking, leadership qualities, resourcefulness’ and open-mindedness into the learners. This helps students to able to cope with everyone they leave with and to be able to adapt to changes in their society since they carried their work in human society.
  • Project work is related to life and it is learners centered. The outcome of project work is related to real life, after learners are taken part in project work, they are exposed to real-life situations and appreciate the need to find solutions to these problems. It is also learners centered because learners are directly involved in doing this project work, though they do it under their supervisors, the main activities are done by the students with their supervisors playing the role of a guide.
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