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Mr. Baan is an educationist and the chief executive officer (CEO) of an online portal that is responsible for disseminating current, authentic and credible education news for Ghanaian citizens and those in abroad. Am a free and friendly person. A proud fun of mathematics and I have love for ICT.

Four things you shouldn’t do while distance learning and some expert tips on what you should do instead.

Virtual or distance learning is not an easy task. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic most schools have now resulted into the online or distance mode of learning for their students but to learn in the house has a lot of challenges that you go through but our source has compiled some experts’ advice… Read More »

Watch out the things Ghana Education Service (GES) promise to provide to school for reopening which as not been materialized on the first day of school.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic school was asked to close down by government but on the 18th of January 2020 school resumed and teachers of most schools were waiting for the things which were to be given to them to prevent themselves and their students from these deadly pandemics. Our source has revealed… Read More »

English language and Ghanaian language which should we emphasized more in educating our children in schools, check out the argument.

There are different ethnic groups in Ghana who speak different languages. The language to use in schools has always been a major challenge has to which Ghanaians language should be adopted officially, though English has been widely used in our schools in Ghana. This article has looked at some reasons why the English language has… Read More »