Automatic employment for Students completing from the Universities in Ghana, a misconception for most universities graduate.

By | February 25, 2021

It sometimes sounds confusing to see a graduate from the University in Ghana asking when the government will post them or government is not giving them jobs. Something is wrong with our senior high school system in Ghana and we need to work with it seriously.

We need to set up a well-organized career counseling program in our senior high schools to help our senior high school graduates know exactly what is happening with our system in Ghana in terms of employment. Students completing from senior high schools at times do not know that when you graduate from the University you have to carry your files and document from office to office in search of a job.

It is a fact that some graduates from universities do not know that when you complete you have to search for a job and after completing from the university they will be sitting waiting for the government to employ them automatically. University is not like that, currently when you complete from the university and you don’t have anyone in the big position you will sit for closed to five to six years before you can get a job. That is why I called those who go to university “dada’s son” or “mom’s daughter or son.” Because after university you need someone to pull you in and if you don’t have someone like that please forget it.

At times you see someone after completing senior high school in sought of the person going to nursing training colleges or Teacher training college and after completing he or she will be employed automatically that person will go to university or distance and do the same diploma or degree in Education course that is offered in the college of education and after completing the person will be complaining that government has not employed them. So you know you need automatic employment why didn’t you go to the college of education or nursing training college.

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Our universities need their monies and will do all they can to get their monies. Most universities now are offering Educational courses through the distance mode meanwhile we have designated institutions that are responsible to train those who want to be teachers or nurses. Most distance courses are meant for workers so if you feel you can go and after that, you will get automatic posting from the government you better resign your decision.

Ghana we need to strengthen our career centers in our senior high schools to help enlighten our young ones about the career opportunities in the country to reduce the rate of the growth of our unemployment situation in country.

This year about 3,7000 applicants do not honor admission into the university for Development Studies (UDS ) and I think is because the applicants have gotten advice from the graduate of that institution regarding the suffering they go through after completing their courses.

It is sad to use your parent’s hard earn money to educate yourself and after completing you have nothing to offer to your parents and the society as well. So if you can complete from a university and will not be employed for about four to five years then what is the purpose of your schooling.

I think our universities should train people how they can work for themselves and not to impact knowledge on someone to go and be working for someone else. This always create impression on our graduate that they will be employed automatically from the government after completing school hence increasing our unemployment situation in the country.

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