Badu Nkansah apologize for the offensive publication of the history book.

By | March 15, 2021

National council for curriculum and assessment (NaCCA) on Monday 15th March brought out a press release calling on the authors and publishers of the textbooks that have made the public complaining about the inability of NaCCA to allow books that tend to tarnish the image of some ethnic groups and personality in the country to come publicly through print and electronic media to apologize for such act.

Based on this Badu Nkansah who is one of those publishers of new Ghana history books for basic schools that have portions describing ewes as “efo agrees to prepare JuJu for players” have come out publicly to render his apology inline with what NaCCA demanded.

Mr. Badu said the history books that have been published based on the curriculum that was implemented in 2019, when it was sent to NaCCA for assessment and approval received a concern from NaCCA pointing some portion of the book to be relook at.

“They, however, told us to work on certain aspects of the book further in order for it to meet the expectations of the new curriculum,” Nkansah explained

In statement sighted by Basu Nkansah explained that the have sighted some snapshot of some portion of the book on social media which the public have raised a lot of concern about. He explain that though it was not their intention to berate some section of our society and for that reason the sincerely apologize for that slip.

“We have seen certain snapshots on social media which has generated public uproar due to its offensive tone. Though it is not a deliberate attempt to berate such a huge section of our society, we wish to unreservedly apologise for the slip,”. He said.

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