Blended Education in colleges of education a tool for mass production of Teachers without pedagogy to teach

By | May 24, 2021

Online learning system in colleges of education in Ghana if not intervene immediately will produce large numbers of Teachers lacking methodology and techniques to teach.

The changes in the trend of education in colleges of education to four-year degree programs have created pressure on the infrastructure facilities in colleges making stakeholders involved to introduced what we called the Hybrid system of education

This hybrid or blended education means that students will be combining online learning with traditional face-to-face learning.

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Now when it comes to the methodology aspect, where teacher Trainees are supposed to be learning practical pedagogy or methods that will help them acquire practical skills which normally differentiate trainees from colleges to those elsewhere has been done online. This, if do not look at will produce half-baked Teachers. No Wonder the Educational system from basic level to tertiary are all now on a traffic light. When stakeholders involved in reshaping our Educational sector meet the talk about going to space, going to Mars. The elsewhere children we talked about going to space are their Educational system on traffic light?

Last when leadership met with the Director-General of Ghana Education Tertiary commission GTEC, prof. Mohammed Salifu, on the matter of lack of infrastructure facilities for colleges of education he stated that plans are underway as they have directed the principal of colleges of education to submit building plans towards government building residential facilities in the colleges.

So the question is until when will the teacher Trainees wait for Government to build residential facilities for all the four-year batches to be accommodated in the colleges? When will the residential facilities be built for trainees’ to curb the stresses of virtual learning? It seems our stakeholders sometimes make decisions without anticipating the effects of their decisions.

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Private schools or institutions will find immediate solutions to some of these problems. Yet our stakeholders pretend not to be seeing what is happening.

We, therefore, call on CETAG and PRINCOF to help find lasting solutions to these online learning and save these trainees from going through the stress of virtual learning.

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