Bring the 3-term system back to JHS- Teacher unions told GES.

By | November 17, 2021

The coalition of concerned teachers Ghana CCTGH has told the management of the Ghana Education Service to return the current semesters system in Junior High school to the 3 term system.

During a press briefing yesterday, 16th November 2021, the president of Coalition of concern teachers Ghana CCTGH, Mr. King Ali Awudu said there is the need for the junior high schools to return to the trimester system because students need rest to be able to participate actively in teaching and learning and the facilitators also need time to prepare and research well before coming to deliver their lessons and also to assess their students well.

The union explained that although they understand that the main reason for the adoption of the semester system was to address the disruption of the academic calendar that was caused by the pandemic but there is the need to return to the trimester system in Junior High schools across the country.

The union leaders said teachers in the Junior High schools in the country have expressed worried about the number of days they spent in schools in a semester and the kind of stress they undergo every day to teach these students where there is no space in their schools during this pandemic.

Mr. King Ali Awudu said the kind of stress the students and their teachers go through in the Junior High schools is not good and there is an urgent need for the students and their teachers in the Junior High schools to return quickly to the trimester system so that they can concentrate

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