Build a standard code of conduct for all public schools-Africa Education watch to GES

By | May 6, 2021

We are concerned about the ongoing impasse between authorities of Wesley Girls SHS, the
Methodist Church and the Ghana Education Service (GES) regarding the enforcement of rules
that constricts the observance of a MANDATORY religious practice for Muslim students-fasting

The current situation, similar to the Achimota-Rastafarian issue, is a manifestation of the existing
amorphous governance arrangement between GES and Public SHS, especially Mission Schools
where schools are at liberty to develop their own rules.

The Education Stakeholder Community must not miss this opportunity to fix this age-old
governance challenge and facilitate the adoption through dialogue and multi-stakeholder
consensus, of a common Code of Conduct for all SHS, irrespective of the religious denomination.

We call on the Ministry of Education to initiate moves for a National Dialogue to build consensus
on a standard Code of Conduct for all Public SHS in Ghana.

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