CAGD has introduced an upgraded TPR pin, to tighten security against unauthorized deductions

By | May 24, 2021

The controller and accountant general department (CAGD) is currently organizing a sensitization program for Staff on the upgraded Third-Party Reference (TPR) on zoom.

The third-party Reference was introduced 7years ago to allow third-party institutions to deduct loan repayment, welfare deductions, insurance premium, credit union deductions directly from the controller and accountant general department of their customers.

This created a space for third-party institutions to make unauthorized deductions from the controller and accountant general department without the knowledge of the GOG employee.

Many employees on gog payroll have made several complaints about third parties making unauthorized deductions on their payslip.

This has called for the introduction of another layer of security to prevent unauthorized deductions by third parties.

In the time passed you only need to generate a mandate form on the payslip platform and deductions will start. This made some institutions make unnecessary and unauthorized deductions from gog employees. After they manage to get employees Staff ID or name.

With this upgraded Third-Party Reference TPR, after generating the mandate form the system will still send a mandate pin to the phone number of the employee. Without this mandate pin, the mandate form cannot be used as evidence.

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