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Call for Applications for Fulbright Scholar and Student Exchange Programs – U.S. Embassy Ghana


The U.S. Embassy, Ghana is happy to announce the application for the Fulbright Foreign Student Programme and the Fulbright African Research Scholar Programme.  The programmes are open to receive applications from all regions in Ghana.  Interested applicants should review the eligibility criteria to determine whether the programmes are a good fit for them.  The application due date has been extended to June 30, 2021.  Please contact the U.S. Embassy Ghana at AccraExchange@state.gov if you have any questions.


Fulbright Foreign Student Programme (Fulbright FSP)

SNAPSHOT: 2-year funding for graduate study in the U.S.

In Ghana, the Fulbright Foreign Student Programme (Fulbright FSP) focuses on the academic and professional development of staff, junior faculty, and administrators employed in the following types of institutions: tertiary, research, or government. This includes but is not limited to junior faculty, research assistants, assistant lecturers, technicians supporting classroom instruction, administrators, researchers, and lecturers. The Fulbright FSP grants up to two years of funding toward a master’s or doctoral degree in the United States.

National Service Personnel are not eligible.

Learn More: https://exchanges.state.gov/non-us/program/fulbright-foreign-student-program

Apply: https://gh.usembassy.gov/education-culture/exchange-programs/fulbright-foreign-student-program-fulbright-fsp/

Fulbright African Research Scholar Programme (ARSP)

SNAPSHOT: Research for 3 – 9 months in the U.S. for lecturers

The Fulbright African Research Scholar Programme (ARSP) enables an African lecturer with a PhD to conduct 3 – 9 months of research at a tertiary or research institution. Faculty and/or administrators with a master’s degree or above may conduct research for 3- 5 months in the U.S. focused on programme and curriculum development at a U.S. university or research facility. This program is also referred to as the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Programme.

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Learn More: https://exchanges.state.gov/non-us/program/fulbright-visiting-scholar-program

Apply: https://gh.usembassy.gov/education-culture/exchange-programs/fulbright-african-research-scholar-arsp/



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