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Licensure examination restructured- NTC

The management of the National Teaching Council has disclosed that the council has officially restructured licensure examination for begining teachers according to employment level. According to NTC, Beginning Teacher Licensure Exams Restructured According to the Level of Employment _(early childhood, Primary School, JHS and SHS beginning Teachers will have different exams structures). This is contained… Read More »

Update on 2023 GES promotions aptitude test

The management of the Ghana Education Service has officially disclosed that the shortlist for applicants due to write promotions aptitude test for principal superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I and Deputy Director has been completed. The proposed date for Promotions aptitude test according to management of the Ghana Education Service will be 28th February… Read More »

Official update on 2023 base pay negotiations

The Government side (Ministry of Employment and Labour Relation, Fair Wages and Salaries Commission) and the Organized Labour Unions have met several times to determine the 2023 base pay for public sector workers but all the meets have ended in a stalemate. Due to inflation and other hard economic conditions, Organized Labour Unions proposed 60%… Read More »

Official update on 2023 base pay increments.

The leadership of the various public sector workers’ unions was invited by the government side at the ministry of health conference room today Thursday 17th November 2022 for negotiations on 2023 base pay increments to kick start since the committee that was working on the 2023 National Daily Minimum Wages (NDMW) has been completed. The… Read More »