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Official: proposed deduction on teachers’ 2022 PDA allowance

The Government of Ghana 2020 introduced a professional development allowance for Teachers which is paid in November once every year. This allowance has witnessed a lot of deduction by the National Teaching Council and the various Teacher unions since its inception. Last year’s professional development allowance, an amount of about GH¢500 was deducted from each… Read More »

Promises of motivating teachers in rural areas are a complete illusion

There have been several promises of motivating teachers who accept to be posted in hard-to-reach areas or rural communities by the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education. The management of the Ghana Education Service has made it clear in their code of conduct that teachers who accept to be posted in rural areas… Read More »

GES has halted the promotion of teachers from SSII to SSI (junior ranks)

Promotion of teachers in basic level from senior superintendent II to Senior Superintendent I (junior ranks promotions) have been halted for more than five years now leaving teachers who qualify for these ranks in a confused state with little or no information at all for them. The management of the Ghana Education Service has delayed… Read More »

Points building will not be used to renew license but rather Teachers will have to pay money for the license

When the National Teaching Council NTC introduced the licensing of teachers in 2018, although concerns were raised about this license. Some teachers were kicking against it but the majority of the teachers welcome it in good faith. According to National Teaching Council, teachers both in the public and private basic schools in the country will… Read More »

Colleges of Education now in reciprocating motion

Most students in the 46 public colleges of Education in Ghana are in complete disarray following the new development that has been happening in the Ghana Education System today. The continuous changing of their academic calendar has been so worrying and makes them lose focus on Education. Yesterday the 1st of November 2021, the Director-General… Read More »

Teacher unions are likely to negotiate for Teachers’ uniforms.

Some teachers have bemoaned the fact that the three Teacher unions Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT, National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT, and Coalition of Concern Teachers Ghana CCTGH has been able to negotiate with the government on the amount Teachers are to pay for this one teacher one laptop initiative without any engagement… Read More »

Teachers and GES to be partly blamed for exam malpractices

Examination malpractices have now become part of life among Students in pre-tertiary schools in the country but the fact remains that Ghana Education Service and some Teachers are to be blamed for this act. The Director-General of Ghana Education, Prof. Opoku Amankwa met stakeholders in Education in the five Northern regions to see how they… Read More »

The Director General of GES has been called upon to use Teachers Resource Pack to teach in a press conference for teachers to see.

A group of Teachers is calling on the Director-General of Ghana Education Service GES to show leadership by example by organizing a press conference to demonstrate to Teachers by using the Teachers Resource Pack to teach the public for them to see. This comes after the Director-General of Ghana Education Service Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwa… Read More »