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Existence and uniqueness of functions.

In the field of mathematics, the existence and uniqueness of a function refer to two important properties. Existence: The existence of a function implies that there is at least given function that satisfy the given condition, requirement or criteria. It means there is a solution to a given problem or equation. Uniqueness: The uniqueness of… Read More »

Interior, Exterior and Boundary of a set.

In Topological mathematics, the concept “interior,” “exterior,” and “boundary” are used to describe different parts of a set in relation to its surrounding space. In this article we will define each term and with illustrated examples to give their clear meanings. Example:Consider the set K = (1, 2), which represents the open interval between 1… Read More »

power set and super set.

Although, the power set and super set are related concepts in set theory, they have difference in terms of meanings and purposes. For example, let’s consider a set A = {1, 2}. The power set of A, denoted as P(A), would be:P(A) = { {}, {1}, {2}, {1, 2} } Here, the power set P(A)… Read More »

Misleading statistical graph in mathematics.

Mathematics as a discipline is one of the most important field of study that helps us to represent our data set graphically such we can make a clear and accurate interpretation of our daily life activities. This article has looked at some misleading statistical graphs in the field of mathematics and and has explained basically… Read More »

Just in: GES recruitment of Information Technology coordinators. Apply here

The Ghana Education Service is requesting for applications from qualified graduates with Information Technology or computer Science background for recruitment as IT Coordinators. 1. Job Purpose:a) To maintain the school’s information technology systems and networks.b) Continuously improve student learning and academic achievement through the utilization of contemporary technological tools.c) Maximize system eifectivenes and etticiency.d) Oversee… Read More »

4 easy steps to buy your placement card, How to check your placement, and how to self place yourself.

The management of the Ghana education services (Ges) gave a step-by-step guide as to how you will check your 2020/2021 placement. follow this simple steps to check your placement by the Ghana education services.Follow these easy steps to check your placement: Before you proceed to check your placement you need e-voucher pin. Now follow this… Read More »

Ges introduce new educational policies with no initiative to motivate the teacher.

In 2019, 2020, and 2021, new educational policies and programs have been introduced into the Ghanaian schools mostly the basis school by the Ghana education service and NaCCA with little or no initiative to motivate teachers who are the machinery when it comes to the implementation of this enacted policies. Teachers in all years have… Read More »

Check it out, teachers not showing professionalism in the course of their duty

Decency at the workplace, allowed workers to work diligently and effectively to ensure that the aim of the organization is met. Schools as an organization with teachers as workers also need to ensure some kind of good or standard moral conduct or attitude that will guide the behaviors of these teachers to ensure that the… Read More »