CCT-GH gave the government an ultimatum to complete base pay negotiations.

By | May 2, 2021

The coalition of concern Teachers Ghana yesterday gave the government an ultimatum to complete base pay negotiations before May 2021 ends. This according to them will make them not feel the pain of the new taxes which are set to begin 1st May 2021.

The group complained that the money they receive at the end of the month is very small to cater to their needs. This makes them suffer in buying their basic needs due to the increase in the increased prices of goods and services. According to them any further delay by the government to complete the base pay negotiations will make teachers worse off.

When the president of CCT-GH, Mr. King Ali Awudu was speaking during an interview, he made it clear that the leadership will not be able to contain the disappointment and frustration of their members should government fail to meet the ultimatum.

He further explains that the concerned teachers have taken notice of a statement from the Ghana Revenue Authorities to begin taxing workers on 1st May 2021. Meanwhile, the base pay negotiations have not yet been completed. The group made it clear that if this new tax is to begin in May without taking notice of taking home pay of most public sector workers especially teachers then the situation will be worse off. Hence the need to speed up the negotiations before the end of May 2021. So that workers will not feel the effects of the new taxes.

According to the group, they came in agreement with the government to make sure the base pay negotiations ends in April 2021 but this didn’t happen. So they are sounding a warning to the government that should they allow the conclusion of the base negotiations to exceed the month of May 2021. They can’t restraint the anger of their members.

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