CCT-GH promise not to restrain their teachers should gov’t fail to increase salary till 2024

By | March 18, 2021

we have cited a statement-making the airwaves to have been purportedly released by a Technical

advisor at the Ministry of Finance that indicates that there would be no salary increment for the

next three years,

CCT Ghana wish to express its highest disappointment in such publication and call on the Ministry

of Finance as a matter of urgency to disassociate itself from this publication and render an

unqualified apology to well-meaning Ghanaians for such unfortunate statement emanating trom

the Ministry

Workers have done enough sacrifice for the past years in terms of salary paid to workers especially

teachers and the recent hikes in prices of goods and service and taxes per the 2021 budget should

concern the ministry than issuing such unhealthy statements.

We wish to indicate that these comments go a long way to affect the spirit of negotiations in

Fairness and good faith. Negotiations are already ongoing with the Ministry of Employment and

Labour Relations together with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission with a representation

from the Ministry of Finance. Negotiations are set to be completed by end of April 2021. Hence,
Such comments from a heavy player like the Ministry of Finance is prejudicial and we shall not

succumb to it.

We wish to state emphatically that, the CCT GH will not be part of any negotiations that seem not

to increase salaries for the next three years. In fact, not even for one year. We can not also as well

restraint our members from any action if such is done as stated by the Finance Ministry,

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