Challenges students face during online teaching

By | January 9, 2021

During the outbreak of covid-19, most students were asked to continue with their learning online which kept most of the students wandering and confused because of the challenges that are associated with these online learning. This article has stated some of the challenges associated with this online Learning.

The connectivity problem was one of the challenges that most students do face during this online learning. Because most parts of our countries are located out of network zone which makes it difficult for most the students to get network and join live lesson were organized by their various schools in our country. Due to this poor network connection most, students couldn’t perform academically. Instructions that were given by their teachers did not follow because the network was not stable for them to get instructions clearly from their mentors.

Learning activities take too long during teaching. Because of network problems or challenges lecture usually delay and this indeed was taking bundle a lot. It makes students spend the little money they have on bundles in order for them to follow their live lectures. I can state that most students were wasting money on bundles but learn little. School authorities should make sure that they collaborate with the telecommunications companies to support students with bundles and also provide a stable network for these students to help them learn with ease.

Students easily get distracted during online learning. Due to this varied nature of our network connection in the country, students join lectures from the different environment with limited network connection which usually disconnects them from the host where they are learning, by the time the position themselves well to get the connection back the lecturer might have gone to a different section of the lesson leaving this student in a pool of confusion. Most lecturers should make sure that whenever they are teaching online they should spend some time explaining one thing in order to be able to get all students involved in their learning process.

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Students do not get teachers to explain questions to them or they don’t get the opportunity to contribute their ideas. With online learning, students are mostly passive in the sense that, most of the talking is done by the teachers with only the students listening. When students are getting confused about a particular concept unlike the face-to-face interaction where they have to get clarification from the teacher, they have to keep quiet because it is not all questions that the teacher will get time to address all questions.

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