Challenges teachers faced in the course of their duties.

By | January 18, 2021

Teaching is a selfless and most enduring job in Ghana but has been marginalized in society. These our nation builders have been faced with a lot of challenges when carrying on with their classroom duties. They have been bemoaning these challenges for years, it seems those who are responsible for their rescue have pretended not to hear which I think we the advocates who are concerned about the proper upbringing of our young ones in school by these honorable teachers have to raise our voice to these matters.

Challenges teachers faces

Inadequate proper funding. Teachers who are the managers of their schools have limited funds in carrying on with the administrative duties of their schools. Some times to get money to buy teaching and learning material is always a serious problem making some teachers sacrifice their pockets money in running the school meanwhile the educational authorities pretend they don’t know about these things happening in our schools.

Pressure from school administrators on teachers. All the time most teachers are always under pressure to teach five to six lessons a day especially those in the basic level with little to take home at the end of the month. This has been a serious problem teacher faces, so, the government should ensure that more teachers are posted into our basic schools to reduce this burden on our teachers

Satisfying the diverse learning needs of students in our schools is another major challenge teachers faces. In a class there are different kinds of students with varied learning abilities, some are slow learners and others are fast learners and some don’t even want to learn at all. So, to be able to manage all these kinds of learners in one class is also a major challenge because you have to adopt different kinds of techniques in order to satisfy their learning needs.

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Inadequate time for planning. For a teacher’s lesson delivery to be effective and successful, there is the need for adequate planning in order to be able to achieve this, but because teachers are always occupied throughout the day delivering their lesson in school it makes them inappropriate to plan for the next lesson.

Too much paperwork. Teachers are always on books day in day out planning and preparing for their lesson delivery with no motivation or recognition from the appropriate authorities. So, we request that there should be a special remuneration for teachers at all levels to boost their teaching morals.

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