Check how our source has revealed how people in the streets perceived teaching to be.

By | January 21, 2021

Teaching as a profession has been widely discussed by many in society with people having divergent issues about how teaching is. A group of people in the street were gathered and asked about how they see teaching as a job to be, this was what they have to say which our source has reported

Some people see teaching as a career development opportunity. Some of these people see teaching to be a dead-end job with nothing to come home with. These people have the perception that for you being a teacher your goal is to educate others and suffer in the end with no one to recognized you. Some value it and hold a view that it is a job you do for the rest of your life. Whether you are sick or not you are still a worker. These people have the view that immediately you are employed as a teacher, your job is secured till you retired as far as you are active and work you are good to go.

A job to work with kids. A large number of people in this group hold the view that teaching is meant to work with young people. Some were attracted to this idea with the perception that all the time you are with children playing. So, they were motivated by this and said teaching is an interesting job. Some also said this is the worse work you can ever think of. They have an idea that working with children is a difficult thing, some point out a situation where you have two or three misbehaving children in your class that you will always have to talk, and by the end of the day if you are not careful you will fall sick.

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Pay. When these people were asked about how teachers are paid, almost all the participants responded that teachers are those doing all the hard work in the society in terms of imparting knowledge and skills to our young ones meanwhile they are the least paid. The said teachers have no pay, they hold a view that teaching is a tedious job with little pay. Some compared teachers to other professionals like politicians that they don’t actually know what job politicians do but at the end of the day, you see them in flashy cars while teachers are on their single motorbikes. They recommend that effort should be put in place to motivate teachers for their good work in our society.

Power. Some of the participants have the idea that teachers have the power to influence young ones in society but they were divided ideology on this matter. Some have the view that teachers can influence their students negatively, a situation where a teacher can dress badly, he or she has an influence on the children. They said that some of the children dress badly because most of them might have copied it from the class teacher. Some also said that teachers can influence children positively by educating and advising them to pursue their future goals and aspirations.

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