Check it out, Ghana education Service (GES) should consider the motivation needs of primary school teachers.

By | February 7, 2021

During this pandemic, schools have been asked to operate by considering all the safety protocols that can help prevent the staff and their pupils. Taking a critical look at how young children are difficult to manage in the house and this primary and kindergarten teacher are managing to take absolute care of our young ones in various schools in Ghana to follow all the safety protocols in order to keep these children safe from contracting the virus. think these teachers deserve to be appreciated for their efforts.

After resuming school, there are still some schools in this very country that have not received any materials like hand sanitizer, soap, and Veronica bucket that can help them to practice safety measures to help curb the spread of the virus. It is so surprising to hear that there are still schools without these materials but it is a reality and it baffled my mind how serious are we with respect to the health of our children’s lives.

With all the absence of these materials our teachers mostly those in the primary and kindergarten level still managed to make sure these young ones follow the safety protocols in the school. It’s not an easy task at all to control these little ones in school but these teachers combine the task of teaching with making sure that children follow all the measures put in place by the Ghana health services. In my opinion, I think these teachers at this level should be given some salary motivation to help them put out more effort in helping our little ones in our schools.

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Although teachers are being paid for the work, they do but we think that taking care of young children to follow all these safety protocols to help prevent the spread of this pandemic in our various schools is an excellent job that our teachers are doing and the need to be motivated for the workload added to their shoulders. We parents can testify to the fact that handling young ones is not an easy thing neither to talk of helping a child to follow all these safety protocols.

Some of these children don’t even know how to wash their hands but with the intervention of these teachers in our schools, our children are taken care of. Teachers at the lower primary have to make sure they talk every minute alongside washing and cleaning these children’s hands. some of them, if you don’t check them all the time, will end up drinking this hand sanitizer which can cause other health challenges but the pivotal role performs by our teachers in this lower primary level across the country, we in think they teachers need to be motivated.

We entreat Ghana education Service and all stakeholders responsible, to look into the matter of motivating teachers at our lower primary level to let them know that we appreciate their effort. Ghana Education Service should try to make sure the materials needed for the prevention of the spread of this pandemic are provided to the schools that have not gotten theirs.

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