Check it out, teachers not showing professionalism in the course of their duty

By | February 4, 2021

Decency at the workplace, allowed workers to work diligently and effectively to ensure that the aim of the organization is met. Schools as an organization with teachers as workers also need to ensure some kind of good or standard moral conduct or attitude that will guide the behaviors of these teachers to ensure that the goals and aspirations of the school come to reality. Our checks have revealed some attitudes about teachers in various schools in Ghana that need to be addressed to ensure sanctity in our schools.

Our source has shown that the way some teachers dress to school is mind-boggling. At times some teachers put up a dress which exposed their body parts, this kind of dressing by teachers in one way or the other seduces your learners. Dressing like you are going to a night club is not the right way to dress when going to school. The school is an institution and need to be treated as such, teachers are in classrooms not to attract learners but to educate them and that should be the main priority of teachers.

Teaching is a profession and every profession has its code of conduct which every worker within that profession needs to abide by the rules and regulations of the profession. The teaching profession has gotten its rules and regulations that every teacher needs to follow but it looks as if this day’s teachers don’t follow the outline rules governing the profession in terms of the way they dress.

The children in your class you look at to be small children, some of them know some things which you the teacher may not know. Some of these students are adolescents and they are active in intimate relationships. So, you the teacher when you dress and exposed certain parts of your body you are been attracted by these students and because they look up to you as their role model, they will be forced by their conscience to also dress like their teacher.

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Teachers are not supposed to be wearing jeans, very short or tight clothes but that is what we experienced in our schools today. Teachers at times wear very short dress such that when chalk falls on the ground she wouldn’t be able to bend down to pick that chalk, because the individual may expose the body part if she bends down, which we think the indecent dressing by some teachers is getting out of hand and need to be addressed promptly because teachers are not only in school to impart knowledge and skills in the learners but also to influence the way learners dress not only in the school but the society. So, if teachers themselves are those putting this kind of dress, then what should we expect from these young ones?

Teachers should ensure that their daily attire is decent in other not to disgrace themselves and the profession as a whole. Whenever an individual is decently dressed it boost your confidence level, so when teachers are also decently dressed it can raise their confidence level which will enable them to deliver a successful lesson.

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