Check out some of the needs of twenty-first-century teachers.

By | January 20, 2021

The aspirations and needs of every worker is always a backbone to successful work, but the inability of these needs to be met also results in the other way round. This report has dug deep into some of the needs of every teacher that if these needs are met can ensure an effective and efficient way of achieving their goals.

Needs of a teacher.

A leadership that will be supportive. Teachers work under their employers and they have aspirations that if their employers could give them the needed support in order for them to work effectively. This support can be in a form of providing them with the materials needed for their work, for instance, making textbooks, teachers handbook, and lesson notes books available to teachers at the appropriate time so that they can make the most use of these materials to improve the performance of your young ones. At times you visit a school, even the common blackboard to write on is always a challenge. Teachers also need to be comfortable in times of motivation, by giving them some remuneration to appreciate their effort.

Teachers also need parents and the community that is engaged. There are some communities that don’t even care about the progress of their own children, at times you see a community member instead of providing support and engaging teachers on things they can put in place to ensure their children progress rather coming to argue with teachers and throwing insults at them in the school. Teachers want parents that will always visit the school, not for bad reasons but to inquire about how his or her child is progressing in the school. When parents come to school to check on their children’s progress it makes the teacher feel that these parents care about the future of his or her child, this helps the teacher to put the effort into making the child achieve their goals.

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Teachers need a safe environment to work. It is obvious that when you are working in an unsafe environment you wouldn’t be able to work effectively same as applied to teachers, there are some schools with death traps building where most of the roofing sheets of these schools have been removed and still our teachers work on these environments. How do you expect a teacher in these kinds of environments to put up his or her best in lesson delivery knowing very well that he or she is working in an unsafe environment? More effort needs to be done by these employers of teachers before blaming teachers for not doing their work properly.

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