Check the fate of Ghanaian basic schools as it stands now.

By | February 17, 2021

Ghana Education Service is an agency under the ministry of education responsible for the implementation of government policies and programs in the basic schools, senior high school and the technical schools in the country and also to ensure that children of school-going age irrespective of their political background, occupation of parents, religious domination but a citizen of Ghana attend a quality Education.

No textbooks have become the order of the day

Last year the Ghana education service in collaboration with National Council for curriculum and assessment (NaCCA) introduced a new educational curriculum for all basic schools in Ghana without providing teachers textbooks that the implementors of this very curriculum which is our teachers can use to execute this new Educational reform properly.

Although this new curriculum could have been a new leave for Ghana if it was properly implemented because it has the potency of changing the Ghanaian school child’s mind from memorization or the popular saying “chew and pour pass and forget to being creative.

The main topic for discussion here is our teachers do not have the needed materials to properly resource and implement this very policy which is not also their fault but the problem of the initiators of this policy. They will just seat at the top and push a policy to the teachers which I think is slowly killing our basic level.

Dominic Mensah 2019 conducted a study on the implementation of government free senior high and found out that government only plan educational policy and push it to teachers at the level to implement it which he thinks is a bad way of implementing policies, he recommended that education policy planners should always involve teachers at the planning stages of educational policies and this will makes teachers do all they can to ensure that the policy becomes a reality.

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No classroom

It baffled me at times whenever I look at one of the missions of Ghana Education Service which states that the Ges is to ensure enabling and effective teaching and learning environment for all learners of all institutions under the Ghana Education service meanwhile some schools are like animals den.

In fact it hurt to see how small town schools in Ghana are suffering in terms of infrastructure while their counterparts in the towns and cities are enjoying a first-class classroom environment. I wished to ask whether some Ghanaian are more important than others?

An article written by Phibzia indicates that the classroom environment is the second teacher in the classroom this points to the fact that our classroom teachers in the basic schools keep on trying their best to educate our young ones and they are not performing. So we don’t need to blame our teachers but their employers. If the farm owner is not serious what do you expect the laborers to do?

Why it is that our private schools in Ghana perform better in the BECE more than the public schools is because they have enabling environment which is supporting their teachers.

What our leaders know is to blame teachers meanwhile things that were supposed to support teachers in their work are not there. No wonder our basic schools are sinking in terms of performance.

Why is it that teachers in the private school we sometimes think they know more than public schools teachers is because there is effective supervision, and the public sector I wonder how many times does the Education director visit our schools and we expect teachers in the public service to perform?

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