Clearing the misconceptions students sometimes have on university education and college education.

By | April 5, 2021

The have of series of questions on many social media platforms concerning the kind of Education one can attend with regards to students completing their high school education with better results but in the end, they offer courses or attend school due to lack of guidance or wrong coaching from people who feel their decision is right.

In this post, your mind will be clear on the kind of Education (university or college) you will choose to go to. Recently I saw someone post his questions on one of the Facebook platform which was “what is the difference between going to university and college in Ghana” and the answer a lady gave to her was ” it is your grade that will determine” which I think it due to lack of career guidance in senior high school that is causing a lot of students who are completing to chose wrong Schools.

Generally, people have the wrong notion that those who go to colleges have bad grades at the WASSCE level. This is a wrong perception and needs to discard from the mind of those who think this way. Recently a college of education form was out and their admission requirements have stated it clearly that if you are applying with WASSCE results, you should have at least a credit ie ( A1-C6) in the three core subjects and (A1-C6) on any three of your elective subjects because colleges do not accept D7 these days. So why are people thinking that those who go to college have bad results from WASSCE?

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I can state clearly here that those who go to the college of education have a better chance of becoming who they want to be in the future. It is a matter of choice whether to go to college or university but those who go to the college of education have their job secured but when you go to university and complete you will have to sit down for four to five years applying for a job. You will write letters upon letters seeking for job and if you don’t have anyone that will push you to get employed please don’t waste your time going to university because if you are not lucky you will complete and still be begging for money from your parents.

Do not be deceived by what people are making their comments about what they do not know. Going to college is a stepping stone to many because after college you are at liberty to upgrade yourself to the level you want to. Imagine your parents paying your fees from primary to tertiary and you will still complete and be depending on them.

Do not let people question what you indeed learn in school.

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