Close down Schools if teachers’ strike last more than two days- Dr. Clement Apaak

By | July 6, 2022

The Ranking Member of Education in parliament Dr. Clement Apaak has called on the management of the Ghana Education Service to close down Schools should teachers’ strikes last for more than two days.

According to him, this will ensure the safety of the children in school whiles their teachers are not around.

Addressing the press in Parliament, Dr. Clement Apaak called on the government to listen to the demand of the teachers to enable them to return to the classroom.

“As we are all aware, the teacher unions, after failing to get the attention of the government to pay their Cost of Living Allowance, have decided to embark on a nationwide strike. Close to 7 million students are currently not benefitting from teaching and learning.”

“We want to urge the government to address the concerns of teachers, so they can go back to the classrooms without any further delay. If this goes on beyond two to three days, it will be advisable for the GES to direct that the schools are closed down for the safety and security of students, but ultimately government bears the responsibility to ensure that the needful is done.” Dr. Clement Apaak stated

Despite the declaration of the nationwide strike by teacher unions, the Director-General of Ghana Education Service still insists that head teachers of basic schools should keep Schools open and closely supervise the children that report to school.

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