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Concern Teachers to demonstrate against the three teacher unions over these 4 issues


A group calling it self concern Teachers is organizing to demonstrate against the three teacher unions, GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH for failing to address the challenges that Teachers are going through in this country.

The group aimed at demanding from their union leaders why they look unconcern about the difficulties and hard times Teachers are passing through. According to concerned Teachers, the three Teacher unions have deceived them for long over their failed promise of demonstrating against the Government over the needs of Teachers.

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The group complained that their union leaders no longer care about the welfare of Teachers in their various unions but rather concentrate on amassing wealth from the union dues for themselves and their families.

Some of the issues the group is to demand from their leaders include;

  1. Annual increments of dues of which the members ( teachers) in the union do not benefit from it
  2. Responsibility allowance which is paid to some section of Teachers, meanwhile some teachers at the basic level also perform roles like form masters, sports masters, guidance and counseling coordinators.
  3. Upgrading of Teachers, which the union leaders have refused to fight for their members.
  4. Transfers grants and legacy arrears that Teachers have been crying for.

The group, therefore, call on all teachers in the country to rally behind them to drive home their demands.
For enquires contact 0248196379

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