CPD points reduced to 20 points per year for all teachers -NTC

By | March 31, 2023

The National Teaching Council NTC has officially disclosed that the amount of CPD points that a teacher needs to renew his or her license has been reduced to 20 points per year.

Below are the except of National Teaching Council 2023 first quarter online dialogue series

a. CPD Points reduced to 20 points per year for all Teachers regardless of Ranks
(60 points for 3 years)

b. Already accrued points will not be squashed

c. Yearly points accrued will be aligned with qualification for Promotion as spelt out in the collective agreement

d.Eligibility for license renewal will be based on CPD points accrued plus Marks obtained from Portfolio Assessment as well as How well Teacher observes Prescribed Teaching Standards (ascertained through inspection by NTC Officials – serious inspection will start soon)

Complaints can be lodged on any of the Council’s social media platforms, especially, Twitter and Facebook
For now, the portfolio development system is serving as a record portal for the teacher which can be accessed by anyone from other agencies.
They are now working to separate the rubrics of the teacher in the classroom from the teacher in administration.
But you can also use the records to track your professional journey.
Very effective for the teacher prize application process.
So colleagues, upload what you can to the portfolio portal; not for points but to keep records of your professional career.

Now, you have to work with your District education office to get 12 out of 20 points which will give you 60%.

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The remaining 8 points are:

  1. Mandatory course by accredited service providers;

1 per term for 2 points = 6 points for 3 terms.

  1. Self initiated or recommended training via PLC (school based or online learning) = 2 points.

The breakdown for the 12 points:

  1. SB/CB PLC = 2 points per term == 6 points
  2. DB PLC = 2 points per term == 6 points

Totalling 12 points.

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