Dear nearly posted teacher

By | January 6, 2021

Teaching is an amazing and interesting work that needs to be appreciated by most in society. This article has looked at some of the activities that a new teacher is supposed to do before he or she can deliver a successful lesson.

Plan your lesson well, before you enter the classroom to teach you are supposed to organize your lesson notes which is your weapon. Lesson delivery can be successful if only your lesson notes are properly organized. This will make your lesson delivery quicker and easier. Always keep in mind that your lesson plan is your guide that tells you what to do and how to do it well. It tells you where to begin and end. It helps you to teach within a stipulated time.

As a new teacher, you should make sure you adapt your teaching strategies or techniques. Your procedure in teaching should be attractive and captivating so that your children will be able to follow and understand. Your strategy should be at the level of your students when your strategies are above the standard of your students it makes it difficult for them to understand, when techniques are smart it will improve the performance of your students.

Make sure you consume your content, digest it, and make a research about it because there are some students in your class who are smart and will like to beat your intelligence by asking you questions that are tricky. Make sure to do broad consultation of books about what you are going to teach. At times certain books give a different explanation about concepts and also provide further questions under that topics so if you don’t read well about what you are to teach you will be lacking and this brilliant students in your class will be high jacking your lesson making your lesson delivery difficult.

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Mistakes most new teachers makes

Overconfident, some newly posted teacher over carries themselves thinking that they are directly from school and that they will not make any preparation about what they are to teach before entering class, this always makes them disgrace themselves in front of the students. Because you the teacher if a student asks you a question and you can’t answer they feel like you don’t know anything and they will be making fun of you.

Most new teachers feel that the have knowledge and for that matter, they wouldn’t ask for help from their colleagues’ teachers. This always makes them fail worthily. As a new teacher, you need to know what is goes in and out of the school before you know how to carry on with your works in the school.

Most newly trained teachers worked hard at the beginning and in the end, they will relax. This is a common mistake every new teacher makes when the first report to their post. As a teacher the momentum you start you have to continue till the end.

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