Denying Rastafarian from enrolling into senior high schools Unconstitutional- African Education Watch

By | March 19, 2021

The management of Achimota senior high school denied two students with Rastafarian hairstyles on the basis that it is against the code of conduct of Ghana education services GES to allow that kind of hairstyle in schools.

Reacting to this issue the Executive director of the African education watch, Mr. Kofi Asare wrote on his Facebook wall sighted by that he thinks the code of conduct of the Ghana education services that do not allow dreadlocks to attend public schools is unconstitutional.

He calls on well-meaning Ghanaians to protest against the so-called code of conduct of the Ghana education services that do not allow dreadlocks to attend senior high school.

“Woke up to protests against the refusal of Achimota School to admit these two dread-locked students. They claim it is against the GES Code of Conduct. This is a recurring situation. When will we stop majoring in the minors?..and when will the Rastafari Movement go to court and stop threatening Court?”

“I think the Ghana Education Service Code of Conduct is unconstitutional in preventing a child from enrolling in secondary school because of the nature of their Natural hair.”

He added that if our educational reforms cannot allow inclusive education then it is not sufficient yet ‘Our education reforms cannot be complete without being sufficiently inclusive.’

“No person shall discriminate against a child on the grounds of …religion, custom, ethnic origin, etc. Children’s Act 560 (3).” He said

No person shall deprive a child access to education. Children’s Act 560 (8) (1).

He there called on Ghana Education Service, to stop the discrimination against the dread children.

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