Developing and improving a good teacher

By | January 5, 2021

As a worker, you earn your respect and dignity from the public through your ability to execute your working skills and knowledge. In this technological era as a teacher, you need to be current and understand where the world is leading us by upgrading yourself to standards so that you can be competitive in the world of work. This article has outline ways you the teacher can add value to yourself.

As a teacher, you need to model what you are to teach before moving to class. Teachers must make sure they conduct proper research about what you are to teach, be conversant with what you are going to talk about in their class. Understanding what you are to teach makes you have the confidence and courage to deliver your lesson with ease. A teacher teaching what you have prepared for makes your lesson flow easily and quicken the understanding of your lesson by your students.

Teachers must ensure that the develops themselves professionally. A teacher must attend professional workshops, seminars, and conferences to upgrade himself or herself to the fast-changing world. Teachers must attend a professional course in their subject’s areas so we to add knowledge and skills to their existing ones. The government should organize in-service training for their teachers to make sure that they are aware of changes happening in the educational sector.

Teachers must engage themselves with small or mini teaching practices in their various schools. Teachers should always organize a small teaching practice for themselves and appoint leaders so that they can lead the discussion process. When this is done teacher will be aware of their loopholes and try to fill them up. Strengths and weaknesses of some of these teachers will be addressed by their colleagues and this will help these teachers to improve in their teaching and learning process so as to facilitate the understanding of their students.

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Teachers must also take the feedback of their students seriously. The feedback of the students is to make you the teacher understand the strength and weaknesses of each child and help them over their troubles. This also helps the teacher to know the kind of teaching techniques that can best suit your students. This feedback of your students should be given enough recognition because it helps you the teacher to evaluate your own teaching and know whether your students understand or not and also know whether you are actually meeting your objectives.

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