Do teachers and their kid’s interaction improve their teaching and learning?

By | January 4, 2021

Communication is a foundation in the teaching and learning process, research has shown that for teaching and learning to be effective there is the need for effective communication between the teacher and the students.

How does interaction improve teaching?

Interaction during the teaching and learning process helps the teacher to know whether what has been taught is understood or not. During the teaching and learning process, teachers can ask their students questions about what they are teaching to ascertain whether students really understand what they are learning. This interaction will help you the teacher to know what went wrong and what needs to be done so that you can better improve on teaching. Some of these interaction techniques can either be exercise, homework, or oral questions. When this is done, the teacher will know what teaching strategy works best for your students.

Interaction during teaching helps teachers to know the strength and weaknesses of their students. When teachers interact with their kids during the learning process it exposes the students to the teacher. It helps the teacher to know each student and his or her learning difficulties. This helps the teacher to devise his or her teaching strategies to help meet the needs of every student in the class.

Interaction helps the students to get a better explanation of what they do not understand. Students learn best when they directly interact with their educators. Because students have confidence in their teachers they always want their curiosity about a question to be address by their teachers rather than their colleague’s students. The report points out that students learn well when there is a friendly and inclusive learning environment.

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A teacher can teach effectively if there is a strong bond of communication between the teacher and their kids. In a teaching and learning session, a teacher who is the center of this task is carrying a message to his kids, this message can be better understood if it put on a discussion table for everyone to share his or her ideas, in this instance you the teacher is only a guide. This interaction between teachers and students helps the students to better comprehend what is been discussed better than if it is done by the teacher only. So, teachers should always make sure the topic they want to teach they shouldn’t just champion the teaching process but rather merge the learner’s ideas to make learning interesting.

Misusing interaction during teaching and learning process

Though interaction helps in teaching it should not be overdone in search of a way that when teachers over interact with their students it wastes instructional hours making it impossible for you the teacher to complete your teaching objectives.

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