Do teaching and learning materials affect teaching and learning in our schools, find out.

By | January 9, 2021

Teaching and learning materials are major resources that a teacher can use to carry on a successful lesson as well as an imprint in the mind of their learner physically the knowledge, skills, and talents that the wants them to achieve after the lesson. This resource makes lesson delivery easier. But are these materials available in our schools?

Teaching and learning material makes learning permanent as learners interact with the learning materials themselves. When you employ teaching and learning material during your lesson delivery it makes learners understand the real concept you are trying to explain but in the situation of our school, these materials are nowhere to be found making teaching and learning delivery to be tedious and difficult to understand by our students. In certain school in you will be surprised that there is no single material called teaching and learning material that could be used in teaching, what you normally hear is the old saying is that you have to improvise meanwhile we are advancing as a country. Mostly what teachers have to do is to teach what you can whether students understand or not then they go their way and which significantly affect the understanding of our students and makes what they have learnt temporary, that is they will not be able to remember whatever you taught them.

Teaching and learning material is supposed to concretize our student’s learning in order to solidify whatever our students learn but here is the case where these things are nowhere to found in our schools. This means that as there is the inadequacy of these materials our students’ learning will be poorly done which will definitely affect their understanding of certain concepts which makes students find it difficult to express themselves whenever they are given a task to perform but rather indulge themselves in exam malpractice.

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Teaching and learning material is supposed to increase students’ interest in the teaching and learning process. As a teacher when you incorporate teaching and learning material in your teaching it brings the minds of the learner in the class as they interact with the materials themselves. As these students play with these learning materials they understand fast than the theoretical methods of teaching and learning. But because these materials are not there in our schools it is cristal clear that our learners’ interest will be lost in your teaching making the class to be boring.

Teaching and learning material always ensure learning continuity in the minds of our learners as the picture what they are learning to the real world but since this learning material is not available in our schools it makes students not to see things as it is.

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