Don’t humiliate teachers.

By | January 5, 2021

A recent survey has shown that teachers have been come a laughing stock in our society, with all voice raise again the teacher. This report has identified some of these humiliations that teachers have been going through and are calling for all who are concerned to help address this canker.

Teachers across the globe have been insulted by many for being lazy and mediocre, that they don’t want to work but rather eager to take their monthly salaries at the end of the month. People have been complaining of teachers taking monies from the government which they have not worked for but they have forgotten that teachers are those doing all the donkeys work in the country. Maybe it may just be one teacher who they have identified to be miscreant no wonderful the saying that one bad groundnut makes all nut to be called rotten nut when thrown in the mouth. This attitude meted out to teachers makes the good ones feel discouraged when carrying their lesson. The general public should rather encourage teachers rather than insulting them.

Teachers have been tagged by many in society for not knowing how to handle rural kids. Parents have been accusing teachers of improper handling of village kids. The general public have been insulting teachers of not caring on with their teaching activities well and the question I always ask is how would someone go through training for a specific number of year and after completion the still cannot do the work assigned to him or her.? Those with this kind of attitude should be identified by their employers and retrain so we to carry on with their duties but not generalized that all teachers are the same.

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Teachers have been classified to be drinkers, who go about dodging classes and drinking in the communities. This name-calling by the general public to teachers is making does who genuinely want to do the work to be disappointed. It is not every teacher that drinks or smokes, so the general public should desist from these names calling of teachers and rather encourage them to do their work. The employer should also organize guidance and counseling sessions for these teachers who are involved in this drinking and smoking to help them out of these situations.

Research has shown that teachers are those doing all kinds of duty work with little pay. This is a fact that cannot be disputed, teachers work is not only holding chalk and writing on the blackboard but it comprises guidance and counseling role, dedication, imparting knowledge, even at a time wiping of children diapers all these works have not been recognized by the general public but what they can do is name-calling and insult this our hard-working teachers with little pay. It is high time government and parents recognize the works of our teacher to support them with their needs rather than insulting and calling them names which do not only affect their profession but their personalities. This also makes our young ones who are aspiring to become teachers in the future to be confused.

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